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The dining room is often the focal point when greeting guests into our home. It is both the gathering place for friends and family and the scene of a quiet dinner at your home. The dining room table often sets the tone for the room, and it is the first thing a guest will notice upon entering the room. The choices we make about our table and the other furniture ... (Read More)

Popular traditional furniture is continuously being innovated to fit modern trends. Sleigh beds, which have rounded foot and head boards giving it a sleigh-like appearance, have evolved constantly since their introduction as one of the most popular types of bed. Previously, these large and often elaborate headboards added considerably to the weight of the bed. Now, with modern-day materials in addition to tradition ones such as wood, sleigh beds have ... (Read More)

Selecting the right dining room furniture can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. With a surplus of modern furniture solutions on the rise, it’s becoming easier and easier to outfit a small dining space with trendy, multipurpose furniture. Before you buy your furniture, there are some things you should decide. First, how much space is in your dining area and what conveniences do you value? Is size and ... (Read More)

Sofa beds are a coveted type of sofa simply because they have the extra function of being a bed. People who have many overnight visitors and need the extra room when someone visits, love sofa beds. But which type would be right for your home? Check these types of sofa beds out to figure out which would be best for you. Sofa Bed The traditional type of sofa bed is the most ... (Read More)

Creative use of accessible space has forever been a challenge. Gone are the days when a home or apartment had a separate room for every purpose. Open floor spaces, smaller living areas, and dwindling budgets force us to think beyond the traditional. This may be the time to consider folding furniture. Folding furniture used to be set-aside for picnics, jigsaw puzzles, and lawn furniture. Today, however, the furniture industry has recognized ... (Read More)

With 40 years experience producing custom furniture, Sofa U Love is a name you can trust. We are a factory-direct, Made-in-USA Family Business that can make any piece of furniture in any size and fabric or leather and deliver it faster than anyone else! Whether you are looking for a custom sofa or custom sectional or tufted ottoman or designer-inspired headboard, "If You Can Dream of It, We Can Make It!"

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Serving custom sofas and furniture to the Northern and Southern California communities of San Francisco, Los Gatos, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Ventura, Woodland Hills, Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Seal Beach, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, Encino, West Hollywood, Venice, Pasadena, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Oakland, San Mateo, Corte Madera, the Bay Area, and Orange County. Nationwide and Rush Delivery Available.

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