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A couch needs to be a very long lasting and versatile piece of furniture. It must fit the needs of the family, whether it be entertaining, watching TV, talking on the telephone, or napping. On top of that, it must look nice as well. One type of sofa that's gaining more and more popularity, as living spaces shrink, is the recliner sofa. This is basically a sofa with the retraction mechanism ... (Read More)

In specific rooms of your home, only certain types of furniture will work and be useful. If you have a sunroom, enclosed porch, or a real conservatory, then adding a conservatory-style sofa is the best bet. These particular types of rooms will see a lot of sunlight. Materials that don't stand up to heat or ultraviolet rays will not do well here. They shouldn't dry out and fall apart. A great ... (Read More)

Reviving your home with a modern-day interior gives the home the atmosphere of having a stylish environment and can be effortlessly accomplished by selecting contemporary furniture pieces. A modern look for a space depends on having clean, streamlined contemporary furniture that highlights the room and its features without over-decorating. This usually involves having a neutral pallet for the wall color so that furniture pieces can be brighter in color and ... (Read More)

Modern furniture can be identified by its simplistic nature and it's lack of elaborate decorations or carvings. Non-traditional materials such as metals and glass are also staples of contemporary furniture. The most important feature of modern furniture is that is it trendy and unique while still being practical and usable. Typical characteristics of contemporary furniture include: • Streamlined edges without intricate design • Unique symmetry and design • Neutral or monochromatic color pallet without patterns ... (Read More)

Despite the size of your living room, it is the focal and gathering point of your home. Choosing an appropriate color scheme can make your room look modern and cool. Picking simple or monochromatic color pallets with striking accents can help give the room a trendy look. While modern means trendy it does not necessarily mean futuristic. There are a lot of choices that are both modern and classic. Choosing modern ... (Read More)

With 40 years experience producing custom furniture, Sofa U Love is a name you can trust. We are a factory-direct, Made-in-USA Family Business that can make any piece of furniture in any size and fabric or leather and deliver it faster than anyone else! Whether you are looking for a custom sofa or custom sectional or tufted ottoman or designer-inspired headboard, "If You Can Dream of It, We Can Make It!"

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